Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Earlier this year I dipped my toe into the Napoleonics period.  Inspired by the anniversary of WateNapoleonicsrloo I started to build up a small French and British force for 1815.  Along with a number of friends at the Harrogate Wargame Club we managed to pull together enough painted 28mm models for a scaled down battle of Waterloo (with 1 unit representing a brigade).  Now any refight of Waterloo has to have a model of Napoleon himself and I managed to dig out the Wargames Foundry model that I had squirrelled away many, many moons ago.

It's a lovely model with so much character.  The expression on Napoleon's face is just priceless and along with his whole posture just seems to capture the moment when he realises the battle is all going wrong!

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