Friday, 8 January 2016

Painting World War 2 German Armour

For our Christmas game we returned to 20mm and this inspired me to dig out some old projects.  

First was the need to crew my German half tracks.  As my 20mm collection is somewhat old the models are a varied selection and my half a dozen Sd 251's comprise some old matchbox 1/76 scale models, some resin models by Frontline (don't know whether they are still around) and a couple of Dragon models.  A couple of years back I decided the models really needed crew and I bought a selection of crew from various manufacturers.  And then put them all on a shelf and forgot about them. 

Inspired my the forthcoming game I took the opportunity to finish them.

Here's a couple of finished shots as a late war German kampfgrupp

Really pleased with the results.  The crew really lift the models in my opinion.

As our game was a hypothetical 1946 game I also wanted to include a couple of paper panzers.  I had picked up a Dragon kit of the Panther F and this again was a good opportipunity to complete it.  Here's a step by step walk through.

Kit built, grey undercoat and then base colour applied.  Vallejo Middlestone for the hull and Foundry Madder Red for the turret (I wanted to represent a really late war model with the turret left unpainted in the red oxide primer).

Panel highlights applied by hand and then a thin oil paint filter applied.

Varnish applied and then pin wash to shade the panel lines.

Matt varnish then weathering.

Based and commander added.

Again really pleased with the result.  Made an interesting diversion from 28mm figures.

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